Saturday, December 31, 2011

780 books, but big ones

So this is my third annual wrap-up of my reading. Not as many this year as last year or the year before, bringing my average down. But Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books are enormous (typically 1000-1200 or so pages), and there were five of the hefty buggers. And as I predicted in last year's wrap-up, I had to do a lot of reading of academic papers for my thesis, which meant less reading time for other things, and also fewer academic books. Also, don't forget that I'm getting older, so there aren't as many years left (on average) for me to read.

The bright note is that I have a new Favourite Author Ever, and have gotten back into Fantasy fiction in a big way. Most of the stuff I've read over the previous couple of years had been either uninspiring rubbish, or the literary equivalent of junk food. But I've finally found some actual good fantasy. And thus: I am happy.

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