Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today was an amusing day to be a dad.

First was Dante on the train. We were on our way home, and he spotted a young couple near us (Uni students, by the look of them) looking at a book together. Strolled over a little, trying to figure out what it was. Peered over the girl's shoulder, trying to read. The guy seemed to be trying to impress his girl with his culturedness ("Hey, read this, it's great!"). Eventually Dante caught their attention, and they showed him the book (Catch 22). He asked to read it, and they handed it over. He started reading it; they were impressed by his reading prowess - you could see Dante was very much enjoying impressing the young lady. After he handed the book back (we were nearing our station), he told the guy that he looked like Peter Parker. The girl didn't know who that was, but the guy said "Oh yeah, Spiderman". She commented that she didn't really know Spiderman, and the guy said to Dante "Don't worry, she isn't very cool". Dante looked up at her and said "I think you're cool".

The kid is busting moves on Uni students, and leaving their Uni-aged boyfriends in the dust. I fear his charm when he becomes a teenager.

Next was Atty, who had his shots today. I'm told he was a Very Brave Boy, and Didn't Cry Much. When I was bathing his and his sister, he said to her "Look at my shot! Look! But, don't touch it, or you might get a shot too!". Who knew vaccinations were contagious?

And then there was Elora, chattering away to herself. "I'm a girl, I'm a girl, vroom, vroom, vroom".

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